EUEA’s mission is to bring together key EE and RE sector participants within an independent networking and lobbying organization that fulfils the important role of a common voice to promote the development of a modern and sustainable economic, political, and technological environment in Ukraine .


We strive to:

  • Advocate for positions related to policy, technology, and financial best practices to promote the most effective transition towards a modern, consistent, and profitable energy sector in Ukraine. 
  • Provide latest information about key EE and RE industry insights. Bring European and international attention to the challenges and opportunities facing the EE and RE sectors in Ukraine and, in so doing, stimulate more effective action towards constructive change. 
  • Provide a platform for business people, politicians, and technology experts from Ukraine and abroad.
  • Promote energy saving solutions and boost technology and know-how transfer.
  • Promote effective dialogue between stakeholders.


EUEA works actively towards its goals by:

- Lobbying:

Promoting the adoption of the international legislative standards and business practice in Ukraine through media awareness, formal and informal industry networking events, and the cultivation of government relations

- Project Initiation:

Facilitating investments and supporting projects at the initial stages by effectively matching the interests of various stakeholder groups

 - Communicating:

  • Promoting European and global trends and know-how within the energy sector
  • Identifying energy-related initiatives in Ukraine to promote best practice
  • Being a comprehensive information channel about important developments within the EE & RE sectors through press-conferences, press-lunches, expert opinions/interviews, publication of position papers, and regularly updated newsletters to the EUEA membership


Download EUEA charter

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