The Energy Efficiency Export Initiative brings energy efficiency know-how and experience to countries all over the world. The Initiative will help to establish contacts with German companies and experts. Companies can benefit from a wide spectrum of services and an international network of experts.



The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine is a state institution the basic tasks of which comprise: providing state agrarian policy realization; organizing, elaborating and implementation of measures on the guarantee of state food security; recycling of agricultural products (further – spheres of agroindustrial production); organizing and providing implementation of agrarian reform; exercising its monitoring; working out and realizing means of structural evolution of agroindustrial spheres; participating in realization of state policy in the sphere of enterprise; participating and forming and implementing of social policy in a countryside; coordinating the activity of executive power bodies on issues of state agrarian policy realization; social policy in a countryside, ensuring food state security, carrying out agrarian reform.




IWO (Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa) – Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe - is an association of private and public partners who aim at a market-oriented and ecological development of the housing and construction economy in Eastern Europe. In January 2010, a new project which has been initiated by IWO, started. Its activities are focused on the establishment of a network of experts for the energy efficient renovation of buildings in the Ukraine.




The Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) is an All-Ukrainian public organisation whose purpose is to promote wind energy technologies and insure wind energy interests on the national and international levels. UWEA unites wind power project developers and manufacturers, scientists, researchers, utilities and others involved in the wind industry. UWEA provides state-of-the-art information on global wind energy development.





East Europe Foundation is a privately managed non-profit organization supported by Eurasia Foundation and other public and private donors. Launched in 2008, EEF mobilizes public and private resources for community, social and economic development in Ukraine and is a member of the Eurasia Foundation Network. One of the EEF’s main priorities includes supporting partnerships between local governments, businesses and communities introducing energy efficient technologies and raising public awareness of this issue.                   



ЛОГО утпдKyiv regional center for investment and development of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine provides support for the development of investment activity in Kyiv region and in Ukraine as a whole. Our primary mission is to provide the maximum level of comfort to international investors via all-round support and provision of special services. This mission is based on the framework set out by the Law of Ukraine "0n preparation and implementation of investment projects according to “One-stop-shop principle”. The Center provides "One-stop-shop" principle - the short-cut into the Ukrainian market for international investors in Kyiv region. The Center is working on the establishment of favorable climate for foreign investments as well as on the infrastructural development, searching for potential investors and creditors for funding perspective projects, supporting investment project implementation process, regional development model on private-public partnership basis.



Latvian Energy Efficiency Association (LATEA), is a non-governmental organisation bringing together enterprises in the energy and energy efficiency sector. The association works closely with other countries, NGOs and ministries by holding workshops and other activities, and facilitates discussion on making energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources part of daily life. LATEA works on special energy efficiency measures and applicable quality criteria to help companies gain relevant certification in the sector.



SEC "Biomass" Ltd. was registered in January 1998 and is currently the leading     commercial Ukrainian company working in the sector of energy production from biomass (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas extraction and utilisation, liquid fuel production), development of JI projects under Kyoto Protocol, energy efficiency, energy audits, design of energy facilities. The main activities are consultancy, R&D, feasibility studies, participation in implementation projects in the field of bioenergy technologies, development of Joint Implementation projects, organization of international conferences and profile seminars on Biomass for Energy.





EECities of UA logoAssociation "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine"

We are a voluntary NGO, created to facilitate the promotion of energy efficient principles among member municipalities. Our focus is upon transforming local economies into sustainable communities with an emphasis on information, exchange of useful ideas and experience, new technologies and managerial know-how in resource allocation.We build relationships with key stakeholders on a local level to help communities achieve energy security, preserve the environment, improve local quality of life and continue along the path of true sustainable development.


Public association Ukrainian-German Forum (UGF) is a voluntary unprofitable organization founded in 1999 which aims to assist in better understanding and deepening the relations between Ukraine and Federal Republic of Germany, as well as to provide support for practical implementation of official bilateral cooperation courses by involving nongovernmental structures and community.
For more than 10 years UGF steady contributes into the development of political, economic and cultural relations between Ukraine and Germany through assisting in exchanging experience and establishing mutually beneficial contacts between business, regions and twin cities of both countries, as well as organizing consultations, conferences, exhibitions, etc. and giving support to fulfilling various programmes and projects in relevant directions of Ukrainian-German cooperation. UGF also closely cooperates with other countries of the world.


The Division of Architectural Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering belongs to the Faculties of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University, Denmark. One of the research areas in the Division of Architectural Engineering is the energy efficient building design. The research is based on the social needs for minimizing the energy consumption and environmental influences of the construction industry and at the same time maintain a satisfactory indoor climate. Special focus is concentrated on the interaction of passive energy technologies such as natural ventilation, passive solar heat, passive cooling and daylight and the design of the building as well as optimization of the interaction between traditional building services and passive systems.
EUEA initiatives in Ukraine can serve a solid foundation for research and educational activities within the energy savings in Eastern Europe. The joint actions between the Division of Architectural Engineering and EUEA will make possible for the Division of Architectural Engineering to develop new areas of expertise and research.


 The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) is an active, global partnership that works to reduce the barriers limiting the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, with a primary focus on emerging markets and developingcountries. The over-arching objectives of the Partnership are to: stimulate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through a significant increase in the uptake of renewables and energy efficiency; contribute to global sustainable development, bringing economic benefits to nations that use energy in a more efficient way and increasing the share of indigenous renewable resources in their energy mix; Improve access to reliable and sustainable energy for the poor, contributing to wealth creation and the MDGs.


Ukrainian Building Association (UBA) was founded in May 2005 by more than 58 investment-building companies of Ukraine. UBA mission is to promote improvements in investment climate and development of building sector in Ukraine. The main Organization aim is to represent and defend constructors’ and investors’ interests in Ukrainian market.
Today more than 350 fast-growing companies of the building sphere are members of UBA. We are open for cooperation with governmental authorities and companies that want to become members of Association.


Regional Energy Agency Ltd. has been established by the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, with the support of the European Commission, Intelligent Energy Europe program. The Agency is established as a single organization and institutionalized framework for more rational use of existing energy resources. The main objective and the role of the Agency is to promote and encourage sustainable regional development in the field of energy through the use of renewable energy sources and introducing energy efficiency. The Agency also supports the introduction of 'good practice' in energy management, encourages the concept of sustainable development, provides information and advice, as well as a range of other services based on specific local energy needs. The Agency's mission is to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption in its region.

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logo-Don NigriState Enterprise "Donetsk Institute for research, project works and engineering services in the refractory industry" (SE "DonNIGRI") is the head organization of Ukraine in matters of scientific and technical support in direction of "Production of refractory, ceramic raw materials, sands and non-metallic minerals".
The main field of activity of the institute- solution of scientific and technical tasks, including requirements for state environmental bodies. From its inception in 1963 to the present time State Enterprise "DonNIGRI" conducts scientific research and project works in the field of engineering, environmental and conservation efforts.



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logo200100Marketing&PR HUB is a agency for those who are willing to develop themselves and their business at the turn of epochs. Their solutions are always individual. Their strategies are always creative. In their ideas there are brains, experience and soul. Therefore their customers always win.


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ElektroVesti – news and media portal which operates as 24/7 news service delivering the most important news about energy sector, power supply, green energy, energy saving technologies etc. The Portal occupies one of the leading places in bigmir website rating within the category Industry. Daily the portal gets more than 2000 views.






DiXi Group is a think-tank based in Kyiv. Its purpose is to research and to consult on issues of information policy, security and investment. Today, its members are working as experts in numerous political and energy projects in conjunction with government agencies, donor organizations and foreign investors. DiXi Group activity has several directions, including organization of event and information campaigns, promotion of transparency (namely implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) standards in Ukraine), and advocacy for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


"Ukrainian Energy"  is a unique platform created by the analytical centre “DiXi Group”. Every day it publishes news in energy sphere (both concerning Ukrainian and unique international topics); analytical notes from international think-tanks; announces and reports from key events of the sector; interviews and comments from market specialists. It also has several special projects (sub-websites), including project on developing Index of Energy Transparency, information resource on the EITI and its implementation in Ukraine, social network on public finance transparency “Open Energy”.


ClimateInfo - community of environmental leaders and a unique source of information on climate change in Ukrainian.
On the ClimateInfo webpage several original and translated articles about the latest research on climate change, inventions, economic trends and environmental lifestyle are published on a daily basis. Also, there are announcements of thematic events and opportunities for cooperation. ClimateInfo news can be obtained via Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter. Young people are attracted to climate protection activities through the web volunteerism. Apart from the information activities, carried out through the website and public lectures, ClimatetInfo also implements practical environmental projects.

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