Why join

By joining EUEA, you will become part of a unique network of individuals whose member companies and organizations include some of the largest and most distinguished international companies working within the EE and RE sectors in Ukraine, as well as a growing group of the most important national and local players. EUEA strives to promote the development of a positive economic and social environment for the growth of opportunities that will realize sustainable growth within the EE and RE sectors for your business.

EUEA is continuously expanding Member benefits, which currently include:

  • EUEA's Energy Day, a major annual showcase conference organized by the Association and Conference House, bringing together key players from the Ukrainian, European, and international government sectors; local and international industry; "think tanks" and academia; and Ukrainian and international media to present, analyze, and debate the most relevant issues affecting the growth of the EE and RE sectors in Ukraine.
  • Access to a more than 3,000-contacts network within the Ukrainian and European governmental sector and business community.
  • B2B contacts with other EUEA Members and relevant partner organizations.
  • Qualifying for special offers and invitations to events organized by EUEA partners.
  • Receiving regularly updated information regarding joint EU-Ukrainian energy initiatives.

Perhaps most importantly: discovering and having the opportunity to develop partnerships with people who work in your "energy world", with people who are working towards the same goals of transforming the Ukrainian energy sector into an open and compliant one that draws from European and international business practices and implementation expertise.

To join please fill in the form.  

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