First Results of the Energy Day on June 11, 2018

Yesterday, June 11, was held Energy Day. Policy Dialogue 2018 "Energy Efficiency From Idea to Implementation: How to Bridge the Time Gap."

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Due to highly professional speakers and thematically organized target audience, the discussion was of practical importance. All comments were written down and are currently being processed in the preparation of the Position Paper.

Below we offer several key points that clearly reflect the contents of yesterday's event.

Elena Rybak, Member of the Board of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, Managing director of iC consulenten in the role of moderator asked key speakers a provocative question: “Can a cycle of implementation of energy efficient projects in Ukraine comprise 1.5 year? Against actual at least three years as it is happening now.”

“Modernization of a kindergarten lasts not less than two years. In fact, a revolution of technologies happens during this time. Ukraine cannot let itself to be slow.

The cycle of energy efficient projects implementation has a strict scheme, where its main steps are detailed, and comprises from 40 months to 66 months. This extreme increase – almost in three times – can be caused by violation even of nominal aspects in documentation and needs additional approval. According to the European colleagues, these terms are the same on other markets. However, our practice shows that they can be reduced.

Therefore, 66 months is required term before the construction, taking into account that the process often lasts more than one construction season, can be +1, meaning two seasons.

Today`s dialogue has practical goal. All comments will be divided into three practical blocks “before implementation”. We intend to give certain result.” - noticed Elena Rybak. To download presentation of EE Project Cycle.

Ima Khrenova-Shimkina, Deputy Director of the Project "Energy Efficiency Reforms in Ukraine", carried out by GIZ on behalf of the German Government, mentioned, that GIZ held many trainings for municipalities, for specialists who develop project design documentation.

“We see the result. When representatives of Zhytomyr mayor`s office learnt to work, the average term of project implementation reduced by entire a year. Therefore, we underline the main goal – to share knowledge.

Applicants also show improvement of their skills level. Nobody applied for the first tender in Ivano-Frankivsk. No one was ready – German partners scared everyone with their requirements. This happened even despite very good conditions - 40% of the project could be compensated. Now about 100 project are being implemented by NEFCO.” - was stated by Ima Khrenova-Shymkina

Julia Shevchuk, Chief Investment Advisor of Northern Environmental Financial Corporation (NEFCO) demonstrated terrific presentation, where she among other shared next: Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership E5P established in 2009 total Budget: EUR 112,000,000. Disbursements within 10 years: EUR 13,000,000 or 12% only!

“Half a year for preparation and a year for implementation are officially planned terms of implementation for energy efficient projects. Nevertheless, actual terms absolutely differ in real life – pre-investment process needs over half a year and three years are required for construction.

However, because of high level of bureaucracy and constant obstacles, NEFCO could not invest more in energy efficiency of Ukraine. At the date, the country is waiting for new elections. The issue of municipal loans guarantees will become sharper.

The latest update – new difficulties are expected this year – guarantees have to be approved by the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine. In general, over 1000 of guarantees require additional work. Recently, uniformed services and regulatory bodies have strengthen their interest. New attention from the side of police, Accounting Chamber, irrational attention often initiated by rivals, who lose the tender, but it is horribly unprofessionally.” - said Julia Shevchuk. To dowload presentation of Julia Shevchuk.

Soon EUEA will prepare Position Paper with next steps to solve the discussed issue. For the feedback you may contact Oleksandra Gumeniuk - Deputy Director of EUEA by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


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