EUEA took part in the workshop in Rome, Italy for the ENABLE.EU


Oleksandra Gumeniuk, on behalf of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, together with other Ukrainian energy sector representatives was invited to participate at the workshop organized by the project ENEABLE.EU in Rome,  November 29-30. 

As more than 70 participants from 11 countries were involved in the workshop for sharing experiences in energy efficiency.

ENABLE.EU is using foresight to understand how to encourage people to make better and more sustainable energy choices. In the energy sector, targets are set and technologies are often available, but a radical change towards sustainable consumption patterns seems far away from reality. It is now recognised that citizens play an active and fundamental role in producing new social practices that can increase both social wellbeing and the sustainability of the energy transition. The workshop aimed to identify shared challenges and possible social practices that could be adopted and replicated in different European contexts. Participants worked in plenary sessions and small groups, where they had the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas about sustainable energy lifestyle changes in the future..

On the second day, were discusses what kind of social, technological and organisational practices could promote more sustainable energy consumption in the next 20-30 years.

In General the project ENEABLE.EU is aimed to reach following results:

  • Better understanding of the social, economic, cultural and governance aspects of energy decisions, and differences among countries;
  • Identification of the key bottlenecks that discourage energy transitions as well as the factors that motivate people to change;
  • Realistic picture of the challenges and drivers for energy research and innovation, and the development of strategies to facilitate the transition to a system that will deliver clean energy to all Europeans;
  • Formulation of policy recommendations to encourage the adaptation of both new and existing environmental technologies.

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