Action plan 2018

Action plan 2018

European-Ukrainian Energy Agency


  1. Sustainable development of communities and cities (27 April)
  2. Energy Day. Energy Efficiency Policy Dialog (End of May)
  3. Sustainable commercial real estate (October)
  4. Sustainability Award (December)
  5. Position Papers and press conferences
  6. Monthly analytics: Business Climate in Energy sector

 Sustainable Development of Communities and Cities (27 April)

Representatives of 80 communities and cities from different regions of Ukraine,  participants of  hundreds of millions Euros funding from various international financial institutions and grant programmes for sustainable infrastructure modernisation, for decentralisation, financial and budget literacy, e-democracy will get together to exchange experience and learn more about opportunities of sustainable development, collaboration and State Energy Efficiency Fund for 400 mln UAH.

Draft of Agenda:

08.30-09.30 - Registration

09.30-11.00 - Presentations of ongoing international decentralisation programmes, EE Fund, support programmes for cities

11.00-11.30 - Coffee break

11.30-13.00 - Three rooms for sector presentations of modern technological solutions:

  1. Water, wastewater, waste management

  2. Renewable resources for electricity and heat generation

  3. Energy efficiency in buildings and street lighting

13.00-13.30 - Sandwich Break

13.30-15.00 - B2B communication by sectors


Energy Day. Energy Efficiency Policy Dialog (End of May)

Details of the concept are under development


Sustainable commercial real estate (October)

Green building certification can be crucial in today's facility management world. The main driver can be anything from prestige and branding to a genuine desire to protect the environment. Where is Ukrainian real estate in terms of green building design and construction?

• Green building certification: luxury or investment into asset?

• Economic and business factors in favor of green building design and construction: creating a business case.

• Financing green building – what is the investor’s motivation?

• LEED and other certifications: exploring the differences.


Sustainability Award (December)

Actuality: There are positive dynamic changes in Ukraine in the field of green clean technologies implementation, reforming the legislation, the entrance of new market participants, increasing interest of the population to the issue of sustainable development. However, there is still no final occasion that can underline the achievements of the year and the previous periods and frankly congratulate with the results.

The goal is to recognize and promote the best practices in sustainable development.

Objective 1. Finding and recognizing the best examples in the field of sustainable development, defining the role of Ukraine in global sustainable development.

Objective 2. Popularization of activities in the field of sustainable development, as having a significant economic and environmental impact.

Objective 3. Motivation of participants in the field of sustainable development to achieve success and replicate the best practices of winners of the event.

Target audience: representatives of business in the field of sustainable development, representatives of legislative and executive bodies, international organizations, financial organizations and development programs represented in Ukraine, diplomatic representations of countries, civil society organizations, ordinary citizens of Ukraine and guests of the country.

Awards nominations (Draft):

    1. Excellent Consulting in Sustainable Business

    2. Civil Society Organization with Meaningful  Input to Sustainable Development

    3. The Most Sustainable Municipality

    4. Sustainable Waste Management Organization

    5. Significant Impact on the Growth of the Part of Renewables in Total Ukrainian Energy Generation

    6. Rising Star in Energy Efficiency (Equipment suppliers. You can split into types of equipment)

    7. Excellent Lighting in Sustainability

    8. Individual Recognition for Contribution to Sustainable Development

    9. Intellectual Energy Magnificence (energy services)

    10. Greatest Financial Input to Sustainability of Ukraine 


 Position Papers and press conferences

 A position paper is an essay that presents an opinion about an issue – in this case that of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency or its members. A position paper presents an arguable opinion about an issue in business climate for sustainable development, energy, renewable energy, circular economy, e-mobility, infrastructure for e-vehicles, smart management of sustainability. The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that our opinion is valid and worth listening to. After preparing the position paper we present it at press conference, publish it in all possible open informational resources and send to stakeholders, authorities.


Monthly analytics: Business Climate in Energy sector

In the consortium of think tank organizations together with Dixi Group and others EUEA prepares monthly analytics on Business Climate in Energy Sector as contribution to the larger report prepared by Dixi group. Methodology includes monitoring informational resources of: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) regarding new laws, bills, subordinate acts; Administration of the President of Ukraine; Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (the Government); the National Bank of Ukraine regarding the regulation of capital movements, the liberalization of currency legislation; the Fiscal Service on issues related to customs (movement of goods, movement across the state border); the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine regarding state business support and other issues in accordance with the implementation of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement; the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; public procurement bodies.

You are welcome to join EUEA activities and become a part of tremendous changes in Ukraine in sustainable development!

EUEA builds strong and elegant relations with our partners, who receive reliable support in advocating and business development.

Please contact to Oleksandra Gumeniuk - Deputy Director of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency to receive more information:

Mobile: 0038 095 607 78 57

mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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