Daily Energy News EUEA, 06.08.2018

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The experience of the EU countries, in particular Lithuania, shows that the transition to biofuels in the district heating system can lead to a significant reduction in the cost of heat energy.In 2015-2017, in Lithuania the average cost of biomass heat was 27-35 per cent. lower than the cost of heat from gas. Due to this, in 2017, Lithuania has reached the share of biomass in district heating at 68.6%. and plans to get 80% in 2020. More

The volume of capacity of all solar and wind power plants in the world for the first time exceeded 1 000 000 000 000 (trillion) Wt. The total investment was 2.3 trillion dollars! More

Construction of the first stage of the "Ovid Wind 1" wind power plant with a capacity of 32.4 MW in the Ovidiopolsky district of the Odessa region was commenced. This project is being implemented by the Turkish company Guris Holding Co. Inc. The commissioning of the WPP is scheduled for the fall of this year. The planned capacity of the second phase of the project - "Ovid Wind 2" is 50.4 MW, the process of obtaining permits is underway. More


The UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine" announces  the selection of municipal projects in the field of heat supply using agrarian biomass to provide technical assistance for the development of investment documentation. Applications must be sent before 18:00, August 10, 2018. More

A new investment project "Modernization of Ukrenergo's transmission network" is being prepared with the assistance of the  EBRD. The new investment project is a component of the Ukrenergo Integrated Program of Automation of Substations, approved by the company in January 2018. The project's estimated cost is  149 million EUR. It will be financed by EBRD by 2021. More

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