EUEA Daily Energy News , 07.08.2018


Interesting energy startup for your business. SeAB Energy focuses on a waste-to-energy technology by manufacturing containerised Anaerobic Digestion units.These units help to turn organic waste into energy exactly at the point where the waste is produced and the energy is required—in supermarkets or small to medium businesses that produce between 500kg and 3000kg of organic waste per day. More

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry is actively working on the organizational and technical implementation of the reformed electricity market, namely, the profiling of the load. Typical electrical load profiles are standard tools used in many developed countries to calculate hourly electricity consumption by consumers. More

The Ukrenergo delegation visited the office of one of the leading European operators of the transmission system TenneT, which provides services for about 41 million consumers in the Netherlands and Germany, and is a recognized as the leader in introducing innovations in the electricity transmission, market operation and development, environmental policy and personnel management practices. More

To find and implement innovative technologies and digital client solutions on the eve of the launch of a competitive electricity market in Ukraine, DTEK has appointed Director of Innovation -Emanuele Volpe, who has worked for one of the most prominent energy companies Enel  for the last 10 years. More

Tender for the Ternopil district heating modernisation project, namely reconstruction and modernisation of boiler house on Lesia Ukraika Str. The documents have to be submitted by 18 Sep 2018 at  11:00   local time. More

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