EUEA Daily Energy News, 08.08.2018

Household electricity prices

For the first time, Eurostat is publishing prices for electricity and natural gas that are fully comparable across countries. With the new data requested in Regulation (EU) 2016/1952, Eurostat is now able to calculate the weighted average price reflecting total household consumption. More

NRCEU approved the draft decision on the revision of tariff structures and levels of production, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity due to the increased salaries to the employees. More

During January-July of the current year, the Customs adopted 38 decisions to provide taxpayers with VAT installments for the import of equipment for their own production. The total number of installments amounted to 3.55 million euros and 833.9 thousand dollars. USA. More

A National List of Critical Infrastructure objects will be created. The expert group will develop proposals for new tools for protecting critical infrastructure. More

The EIB will provide 650 million euros to the Spanish power generator Iberdrola for three new dams and hydroelectric plants, including a hydroelectric power plant, on the rivers Tamega and Torno in northern Portugal. The new infrastructure of Iberdrola will have a total capacity of 1158 MW and will begin operations in 2023. More

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