Daily Energy News EUEA, 10.08.2018

OCT2013-10-13 61A9333

(Scatec Solar SPP in the South Africa)


A member of EUEA, Scatec Solar Ukraine BV (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), received the permission of the Antimonopoly Committee to acquire, together with Trust CapitalGroup Limited, through Rengy Solar BV, controll over  RENGY BIOENERGO, LLC (Kiev , Ukraine). Such a solution is necessary for the further construction of solar power plants in the South of Ukraine. More

On August 7, the Draft Law on the Strategy of Sustainable Development of Ukraine until 2030 was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. More

The Antimonopoly Committee, taking into account the fact of the the Regulator's late approvement of the payment for standard connection and the absence of approved fixation ​​of the specific value of non-standard connection , which leads to complication of the procedure for joining the electricity grids, gave  Regulator the Recommendations to improve the situation. More

100 condominiums have already expressed their interest in cooperating with ESCO investors and provided data on energy consumption of their homes to the SAEE. Based on these data, the Agency formed and published on the site the database of potential energy service objects of condominiums.http://saee.gov.ua/uk/content/energoservis_1

Ihor Sirota, General Director of PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo", took 31st place in the rating of "TOP-100 best managers of Ukraine". The company is moving fast forward. In accordance with the Hydroenergy Development Program for the period up to 2026, Ukrhydroenergo, in particular, is going to build, , the Kaniv PSPS, Kakhovka HPS-2 and the second phase of the Dniester PSPS until 2025. The company's production of electricity should increase to 20 billion kW*h by 2025. More

On August 7, at the PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo" the participants of the competitive bidding on the international tender №UHE / DKVP / T / 7-18 "Supply and installation of the Automated Control System for GTS Control for the Kyiv PSPS" were reviled. The tender is in the framework of the Project "Hydropower Rehabilitation", funded by loans from the EBRD and the EIB. More

Ukrenergo invites all interested parties to submit their comments and proposals on the issue of setting the price of electricity transmitted between the energy systems of Ukraine and adjacent countries within the framework of provision / receipt of emergency aid. More


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