Weekly Energy News EUEA, 20-26.08.2018

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The practical part of the waste management reform in Ukraine will start with the implementation of the National and Regional Waste Management Plans, as well as the approval of the framework waste law and sectoral laws that relate to the new waste management model. This was stated by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak during the first meeting of the Coordinating Council on the implementation of the National Strategy for Waste Management in Ukraine until 2030. More

The National Bank of Ukraine maintains an active presence on the interbank foreign exchange market to smooth out excessive fluctuations in the exchange rate of the hryvnia, which increased this week due to further excess of demand for currency over its offer. The supply of foreign currency by the main export industries (mining and smelting complex, agroindustrial complex) remains at a rather high level, indicating that there are no fundamental reasons for the depreciation of the hryvnia. Instead, there is an increase in demand for foreign currency in the interbank foreign exchange market, in particular, due to the seasonal increase in demand from energy importers who need currency to pay for gas and petroleum products (for early start-ups). More



Experts from the reputable publication Bloomberg predict that in 2050, electricity from various sources of energy will attract 11.5 trillion dollars of investment, of which 8.4 trillion dollars will fall on wind and solar power. According to experts' estimates, the cost of installing SPP will decrease by 71% over the next 30 years, and WPP by 58%.

Vsevolod Kovalchuk, the chairman of Ukrenergo, estimates in the amount of 11 billion USD (about 350 million euro) the volume of investments of the participants of the Ukrainian electricity market for integration into the European network of electricity transmission system operators (ENTSO-E).


The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine proposes to introduce European requirements for the facade insulation of buildings in the state building norms. Due to this, Ukrainians will be able to save up to 15% of heat energy resources each year. Corresponding norms can be found in the draft of the new SBN В.2.6-33: 201Х "Construction of exterior walls with facade insulation. Requirements for designing ". More

SE "NEC" Ukrenergo "initiates changes to the transmission system code, which will allow integration of larger volumes of RES in the" energy island of Burshtyn TPP ". The relevant proposals have already been submitted for consideration to the NERCU. More


The US government will provide additional technical assistance in the amount of over $ 54.4 million. These funds will be aimed at ensuring the availability of middle class investment in Ukraine, strengthening the private sector's economy, improving the energy efficiency of the Ukrainian economy and its energy security. More



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