Daily energy news

Daily Energy News

         On June 20, 2019 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the state-owned company "Guaranteed Buyer".

       The Guaranteed Buyer is responsible for the purchase and payment for the electricity from producers at the feed-in tariff, as well as for the purchase for public service obligations electrical energy from Energoatom and Ukrhydroenergo and subsequent delivery to the providers of universal service.

        The RES producers shall conclude new PPA with the Guaranteed Buyer to replace current PPA with Energorynok.

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       The launch of a new electricity market will be on time:   according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine this week there are no meetings, therefore, a number of registered draft laws regarding the postponement of the term for the introduction of a new electricity market will not be considered.

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       Information about registered draft laws as well as positions of different stakeholders is available in the following publication on the EUEA website.

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       The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NEURC) adopted a resolution dated June 21, 2019 №1107 concerning the possibility of temporarily conducting licensed activities to perform the functions of the electricity Market Operator by a state enterprise created on the basis of the Energorynok until final formation of a Market Operator in the form of a joint-stock company, 100 percent of the shares of which belongs to the state and is not subject to privatization or alienation in any other way.

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        Also, NEURC intends to make changes to the sale rules of electricity on the segments of the new energy market starting on July 1, which will change the formula for calculating the marginal prices for these segments by setting the price caps for a period of 9 months from the start of the market.

        It is planned, in particular, to correct market rules of the "day-ahead" and the intraday market, taking into account the changes in the order of imposing public service obligations on the energy market, and to change the formula of prices of electricity producers applying an adjustment coefficient: the ratio of the actual wholesale market price without the amount of subsidies certificates to the actual wholesale market price with the subsidies certificates.

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      The Ukrenergo on its site provides calculator for analyzing the amount of financial guarantee for market participants of the new electricity market and the maximum sales volumes on the day ahead and intraday market. On the sire page market participants can also read the basic rules and requirements for calculating the size of the guarantee.

        With the help of the financial guarantee calculator, market players can better understand the main components of the calculation of the required financial guarantee, predict its size and the need for verification. The calculator allows market player to determine if he has enough financial guarantee for sales transactions on particular day.

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