Legislation update: Auction procedure

The National Commission on Electrical Power Industry Regulation approved during its open cession dd. 22.10.2009 an Auction Procedure as to access to inter-state electrical network capacities of Ukraine for export of electricity. The respective resolution was submitted for state registration but the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with its Decree dd. 02.11.2009 #2029/5 recognized this resolution as such being no subject to state registration.

It is interesting that amendments to the legislation (the Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Electrical Power Industry" as to regulation of electricity export issues dd. 19.03.2009 #1164-VI) providing for electricity export on auction basis came into force on April 25, 2009 (pursuant to the Transitional Provisions of this Law necessary regulatory legal acts shall have been passed within 3 months, in the same time first auction shall have been conducted).

According to the project published on the web-site of the National Commission access to capacities of the interstate section “Burshtynska energy island” in amount of 100 MW is been put for sale till 31.12.2009 inclusive. Auctions shall be held not less than once a month.

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