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EUEA published the Position Paper on Energy Community Treaty

position papersPresented by: Wolfram Rehbock, Arzinger Law Firm; Elena Rybak, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency

On 24 September 2010 Ukraine joined The Energy Community Treaty (ECT) and on 1 February 2011 became a full member of Energy Community (EnC). By signing the Treaty, Ukraine committed itself to implement the relevant acquis, to develop an adequate regulatory framework and to liberalize its energy market in line with the acquis under the Treaty. We consider that Ukraine’s entry into this international organization will provide an excellent opportunity to start reforms required in its energy sector.
EUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest AccomplishmentsEUEA latest Accomplishments

EUEA published the Position Paper “The Need for a Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure for Ukraine and How to Achieve It”

position papersPresented by: Peter Knazko & Bartosz Wojszczyk, GE Energy

A clean, secure, cost effective and sufficient supply of energy is essential for the future of economic growth in Ukraine, as it is in other developed and developing nations. Ukraine has similar challenges as other countries in its region when it comes to creating and maintaining a sustainable electricity grid: a) the pressure of rising energy costs, b) an aging grid infrastructure that negatively affects reliability, c) grid inefficiency due to areas of congestion, especially in cities, that create significant energy losses, d) poor power quality due to non-optimized power grid design, and e) high emissions from traditional electricity generation made worse by the inefficiency of the grid.

Rentechno LLC joins EUEA!

Rentechno company is focused on the implementation of integrated engineering solutions using energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources. The headquarters is located in Kiev (Ukraine). At present, the main activities

IMEPOWER becomes a member of EUEA!

new memberIMEPOWER is Ukraine’s leading advisory group specialized on energy sector since 1995. Main areas of expertise include electricity generation (renewable, thermal, cogeneration, large hydro), transmission, distribution and supply, while IMEPOWER also has in-depth knowledge of gas, coal and heating sectors. IMEPOWER’s services include strategy, investment advisory, due diligence, legal advice, market reform and regulation, sector studies and forecasts, development of energy and infrastructure projects, corporate finance, transaction support, financial restructuring and engineering.



EUEA published the Position Papers on district heating in Ukraine and on Ideas to Stimulate Waste to Energy Development in Ukraine

position papersDistrict Heating driven by demand

The development will set focus on end-user demands, independence of fuels and the interaction of multiple heat sources. It will also highlight substations in a very important role. The substation is a key element in the ongoing transition process. The fact that it can be regulated to supply – with great accuracy – the demanded level of temperature provides the basic mechanism leading to energy saving. Only the heat really “asked for” will be accepted by the system.

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