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Training «MultiComfort House from ISOVER» Programme in Paris

isover smart houseOn July, 5-8, 2010 head office of Saint-Gobain group in Paris, welcomed participants of the series of trainings within the frames of the «MultiComfort house from ISOVER» programme. Representatives of construction companies, project organizations, architect bureaus, governmental authorities and Saint-Gobain employees from around the world were invited to the event. The visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Paris was prepared by the «Saint-Gobain construction products Ukraine» within its activities as a member of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency.

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Representatives of EUEA and Energy Community Secretariat met in Vienna

On July 13th EUEA representatives met with the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna.

Joining Energy Community will have strategic impact on Ukraine’s energy sector, and will include reforms within the gas sector, electricity, energy efficiency and alternative energy. The first, and most important step needed in order to proceed with the accession was the gas law, which was adopted in Ukraine last week. According to Director of the Secretariat Mr. Slavtcho Neykov, the gas law satisfied all the needed criteria and proved Ukraine’s willingness to move forward.

EUEA latest Accomplishments

1st European-Ukrainian Energy Day, May 31 – June 1, 2010, Kyiv

1st European-Ukrainian Energy Day was held in Kyiv on May 31 – June 1, 2010. The event was organized by European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and Conference House, supported by partners: ISD, Arzinger, Isover, Alfa Laval, Philips and Eco-Optima.

The most challenging issues were discussed during the first day, concentrating on the legislation bottlenecks for energy-saving and renewable energy projects implementation and project financing. “Energy issues have to be dealt with in an integrated way, from supply to demand. Reforms in this sector have to be brought and designed together by all stakeholders, from authorities to IFIs and business-community” said Mr. Jean-Andre Barbosa, Chairman of EUEA in his opening speech. The relevance of combining various stakeholders was proved by almost 300 participants from governmental institutions, IFIs, international donor organizations and NGOs, as well as leading experts of business community from more than 10 countries. The participation of representatives of European Commission, Energy Community Secretariat and Ukrainian Government proved the importance of the energy efficiency dialogue on the EU-Ukraine level.
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Legislation Update: Association of Owners of Apartment Buildings

The Draft Law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Association of Owners of an Apartment Building” passed the first reading.  Under this draft law all owners of apartments will be obliged to establish a legal entity – Association of Owners of an Apartment Building. This legal entity will be obliged to:


  • manage the building;
  • allocate funds and perform current and capital repair of the building.


We consider that this provision will solve the majority of issues regarding who is in charge of repair of in-house networks. Currently, the public partner wishes to put this obligation on the private one.

EUEA latest Accomplishments

Third Meeting of the Easter Partnership Platform 3: Energy Security, Brussels

On May 20, 2010, Director of EUEA, Elena Rybak participated in the Third Meeting of the Easter Partnership Platform 3: “Energy Security” held in the European Commission in Brussels.

According to the Joint Declaration of the Prague Easter Partnership Summit, the multilateral framework of the Eastern Partnership will provide for cooperation activities and free dialogue on the issues of transition, reform and modernization, and give the EU an additional instruments to accompany these processes. It will facilitate the development of common positions and joint activities.

EUEA latest Accomplishments

5th Kyiv Dialogue in Berlin

Wolfram Rehbock, member of the board of EUEA, took part at the 5th Kyiv Dialogue in Berlin on 27/28 of April (s. Under the headline “Ukrainian Green New Deal” representatives of Ukrainian and German politics, political foundations, NGO’s, science and business actively discussed topics, among which:

– energy efficiency and renewable energies;
– destiny of nuclear power;
– potentials of biomass;
– bridging the financial gaps; and,
– social components of energy prices.

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