On May 22, the first educational and professional trip to the solar power plant (SPP) and wind power plant (WPP) in Odessa region took place with the participation of representatives of IFU “Clean Energy – Healthy Environment” and investors in renewable energy in Ukraine, co-organized by leading industry associations: EUEA, UAWE, UARE.

The main purpose of the trip is to bring together key players in the RES sector: investors, industry associations and MPs of Ukraine to raise awareness of MPs and discuss the current state of the RES sector in Ukraine and address key domestic issues, namely: non-compliance by the state with the Memorandum of Understanding and Law №810, the existing debt to RES producers, systemic restrictions and the possible introduction of excise tax, the amount of which can be determined in the range of 3.2-40%.

On Saturday, together with the people’s deputies of the IFU “Clean Energy – Healthy Environment” we visited the solar power plant (SPP) with a capacity of 13 MW in Odesa region, which is connected to the substation “Kulindorove”.

38 thousand Risen 330Wp photovoltaic modules, 88 SUNGROW SG-125H inverters and 5 complete transformer substations are installed at SPP. Construction of the plant was completed in 2019 by @TIU Canada, an innovative renewable energy company and Canada’s first investment under the Canadian-Ukrainian Free Trade Agreement.

It should be noted, that due to unstable payments of the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” the debt of the state to the company-investor is about 50 million UAH, which in turn contradicts the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The second stop on the study trip for MPs of IFU “Clean Energy – Healthy Environment” was the Dniester Wind Power Plant (WPP) in Bessarabia, of the company @Elementum Energy, which is the largest international company in the renewable energy market in Ukraine.

At the first stage of the station, 10 wind turbines – 40 MW – were installed. Construction of the second stage of the 60 MW wind farm has already started and will be launched in 2022!

Each year, the Dniester WPP will generate 360 million kWh, which will be enough to provide electricity to 180,000 households. Moreover, the use of wind energy will avoid 280 thousand tons of CO2 emissions.

Impressed by the history of the transportation of large wind turbine blades – each of which is 67m in length. The blades were delivered from Germany to the port of Reni and covered 260 km, for which the company had to repair several emergency bridges in Ukraine.

We are proud of the achievements of our member companies and we are glad that we were able to organize a study trip and raise the professional awareness of people’s deputies in the field of green energy.

Thanks to TIU Canada and Elementum Energy for visiting!

We hope that by joining our forces we will ensure the sustainable development of green energy in Ukraine.