The EUEA membership is international, open to any public or private legal entity.

Yearly Membership fees amount:

  • 2500 EUR for larger members defined as having more than 25 MW of wind, solar, biomass, small hydro power plants in operation in Ukraine, or more than 50 full time employees in Ukraine.
  • 1500 EUR for all other companies.

There is a one-time Entry Fee of EUR 100 for the new EUEA Members.

EUEA offers a Regular Membership according to the fees described above, and an Honorary Membership.

Regular Members are companies paying membership fees.  They have voting rights and are subject to all EUEA Members’ benefits.

Honorary Members do not pay membership fees and might be state or local authorities or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  Honorary Members are free to take an active part in selected EUEA activities but have only advisory voting rights, meaning they are accepted as advice but are not binding on the Association.

Potential members of EUEA must work within an energy-related sector and must demonstrate synergy with the core mission of EUEA as described in FAQs and in more detail in the Charter of the Association.

Decisions about the granting of Regular or Honorary membership are taken by the Board of the Association by a simple majority vote based on the information provided on the EUEA application form. Thus, membership in EUEA gains validity after a respective Board decision, which is normally taken within two business days following the receipt of the completed application form.