What is EUEA

EUEA is an independent non-profit organization open to all stakeholders in the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) sectors who want to work constructively with like-minded members to contribute to the gainful and transparent development of these markets in Ukraine, through the promotion of fair and sustainable business practice, raising of public awareness of energy issues, and by influencing government energy policy. EUEA works actively towards these goals by:

Why should my company invest in joining EUEA?

By joining EUEA, you will become part of a unique network of individuals whose member companies and organizations include some of the largest and most distinguished international companies working within the EE and RE sectors in Ukraine, as well as a growing group of the most important national and local players. EUEA strives to promote the development of a positive economic and social environment for the growth of opportunities that will realize sustainable growth within the EE and RE sectors for your business.

How will my business benefit from membership?

EUEA is continuously expanding Member benefits, which currently include:

How much does it cost to join EUEA?

There is a one-time Entry Fee of EUR 100 paid once by new Members

Yearly Membership fees amount to:

What other types of membership does EUEA offer?

EUEA offers a Regular Membership according to the fees schedule described above, and an Honorary Membership.

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Regular Members are companies paying membership fees.  They have voting rights and are subject to all EUEA Members’ benefits.

Honorary Members do not pay membership feesand might be state or local authorities or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  Honorary Members are free to take an active part in selected EUEA activities but have only advisory voting rights, meaning they are accepted as advice but are not binding on the Association.

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EUEA membership is international, open to any public or private legal entity.

How does EUEA select/accept membership requests? Are there particular criteria to it?

Potential members of EUEA must work within anenergy-related sector and must demonstrate sympathy withthe core mission of EUEA as described in this FAQ and in more detail in the Charter of the Association.

Decisions about the granting of Regular or Honorary membership are taken by the Board of the Association by simple majority vote based on the information provided on the EUEA application form. Thus membership in the Association gains validity after a respective Board decision, which is normally taken within two business days following the receipt of the application.

Is there any particular political support that EUEA benefits from

EUEA is an independent organization supported by its members who alone set the Association’s agenda.  EUEA is not “controlled” by any group, block, or other entity outside of its own membership, but works actively to foster effective dialogue with important governmental stakeholders.

How many events is EUEA organizing per year

EUEA is not primarily an events organization. We are active through the interaction of our members with each other and through the access that EUEA provides to government and other important decision centres relevant to the EE and RE sectors. All activities and events organized by EUEA are aimed to fulfil EUEA’s mission and objectives.

Our most important event is the European-Ukrainian Energy Day organized in the spring each year. EUEA’s Energy Day conference is a major annual showcase organized by the Association bringing together key players from the Ukrainian, European, and international government sectors; local and international industry; “think tanks” and academia; and Ukrainian and international media to present, analyze, and debate the most relevant issues affecting the growth of the EE and RE sectors in Ukraine.

EUEA also holds a number of press conferences throughout the year, participates in workshops and round-tables, and arranges Members’ meetings. The combination of activities changes from year to year, so please check out our Yearly Reports for more information.

Is EUEA developing/supporting any tangible projects in Ukraine

EUEA is involved through its membership in acting as an independent body bringing together key participants in many projects that are undertaken by member companies. As a networking and lobbying organization, EUEA fulfils an important role in educating its members about potential projects and bringing them in contact with potential partners, as a medium for accessing important information about legal and technical requirements and expertise, and in the facilitation of a common voice within the EE and RE sectors for targeted and constructive change that benefits these sectors.

Support financially

Even if you do not have time, but are willing to help, you can support the work of EUEA financially by transferring any amount to the EUEA account.

EUEA seeks to maintain political and economic independence, so in our work we rely on the support of people like you.

All funds will be raised for the implementation of the statutory activities of EUEA. You can transfer funds using the following details in any bank branch:


JSC ProCredit Bank, Kyiv, Ukraine


Beneficiary Bank Account #100947654000

Item: Charitable contribution to the statutory activities of EUEA

Your support is very important for our work!