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Energy Law Guide 2 – introduction to Ukrainian Legislation by Arzinger Law Firm

Energy Law Guide – introduction to Ukrainian Legislation (English language)

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Directives of the European Parliament and the Council:

Treaty establishing the Energy Community

General legislation:

Law of Ukraine “On Electricity” 16.10.1997 № 575/97-ВР  (Ukrainian Language)
Law of Ukraine “On Heat Supply” 02.06.2005 № 2633-IV (Ukrainian Language)
Law of Ukraine “On Energy Saving” 01.07.1994 № 74/94 ВР  (Ukrainian Language)

Alternative Energy and “Green Tariffs”:

Law of Ukraine on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Electric Power Industry”  Regarding Stimulation of Utilization of Alternative Energy Sources
Law of Ukraine “On Alternative Energy Sources” of 20.02.2003. № 555-IV
(Ukrainian Language)
Law of  Ukraine “On Alternative Fuels” of 14.01.2000 № 1391-XIV (Ukrainian Language)
Regulations of National Electricity Regulatory Comission of Ukraine of 16.07.2009 № 828 «On amendments to Order of establishment, review and suspencion of actions of “green” tariffs for entity of economical activity”  (Ukrainian Language)

Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms:

Kyoto Protocol – Brochure (German language)

Kyoto Protocol – Brochure (Russian language)

Order of concideration, approval and realization of the special ecological (green) investments projects within the obligations of Kyoto Protocol parties to UN Framework Convention on climate change, approved by the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 22.02.2008 № 221 (Ukrainian Language)

Directions for joint implementation projects in the frames of national procedure, approved by the order of National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine of 18.12.2008 № 79 (Ukrainian Language)

Documents requirements where quantity of anthropogenic emissions and greenhouse gases absorbtion are reviewed, to receive letter of approval by owner of emission sources, where joint implementation project is planned, ratified by  National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine of 25.06.2008 № 32 (Ukrainian Language)

Joint implementation projects requirements, approved by the order of National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine of 25.06.2008 № 33 (Ukrainian Language)

List of Energy Strategy Documents and Obligations in EU and Ukraine

Energy Strategy

Energy Saving Law in Ukraine