Victor Savkiv, President of the group of TIS companies, (EUEA member) agreed with him: “Dozens of solid domestic wastes landfills in Ukraine will not be the sources of atmosphere and territory contamination, and what is also important will bring profit, biogas projects will be profitable”.

In fact the draft law stipulates improvement of the tariff forming system on electric power, produced from biogas, and optimizes its financing. According to expert, adoption of the law will commence the constructions of new degasification systems in the country. “So far, development of the market of landfills biogas in Ukraine is hindered by the absence of “green” tariff that makes the market unattractive for investors”, — Victor Savkiv said.

His colleague from EUEA offers that the government evaluates the issue of “green” tariff on biomass in terms of the absence of amendments on inflation. “While wind will be blowing and the sun will be shinning in the following 20 years, it is impossible to say the same thing about invariability of biomass prices. Yes, a considerable progress was attained in the field of «green» tariff, but it is needed to be brought to a logical completion, to allow the market to develop”.

According to the experts almost 4% of Ukrainian territories are occupied with different wastes, and this is approximately 35 billion tons of waste, besides, there is a large problem with their utilization on landfills. Today there is a range of alternative projects on solid wastes treatment, for example, collection and transformation of landfill gas to electric power, heat or steam, and even its usage as car fuel. Such projects are actively functioning in the USA and most of the European countries (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium). By 2025 the USA plan getting 29 billion kWt/h of electric power from domestic wastes and landfill gas annually. In Europe – France is the leader in energy production from solid municipal wastes, where about 130 factories work on utilization of energy wastes which produce 3.34 billion kWt/h of electric energy and 9.44 million Gcal of thermal energy a year.

Typical project on landfill gas utilization with the power of 0,5-1 mWtt reduces greenhouse gases emission approximately equivalent to emissions of 10 thousand cars. For absorption of such amount of gases it is necessary to land 15 thousand acres of forests. The produced energy by project allows saving 125 thousand barrels of oil a year.

Considering economic and ecological profits from biogas initiatives implementation, it is important that the draft law adoption in the second reading will not be delayed. “Last year we hoped for adoption of «green» tariff for biogas, and investment stir around biogas projects was high enough. Large western companies, specialized in LFG projects, were seriously interested in Ukraine, new projects were planned. But when the law was not adopted, the interest weakened considerably. If this happens again, it will be very difficult to restore the trust of investors“, — V. Savkiv said.

“Amendments to the law “On Electric Energy”, in general, have a positive value, also touching the question of control of the profit from “green” tariff. For substantial attraction of serious foreign investors it is necessary to eliminate excess in this question, which must become the subject of an active discussion before the second reading. Also taking into account groundwork of Commission on ecological investments, alternative and renewable energy of the Board of Entrepreneurs under Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, it is necessary to increase the coefficient of “green” tariff for electric power, produced from biogas, aquired from biomass of plant and zoogenic origin, and also from organic wastes to 2,9. And for projects of solid landfill degasification with the capacity of 500 kWtt. – to 3,2, while the coefficient 2,6 questions the successful implementation of the programme of solid landfills degasification in small cities», — said Joerg Meissner, Project Director in Ukraine, HAASE Energietechnik AG, Head of the working group on biogas in EUEA.

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