On behalf of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA),

I would like to congratulate Mats Lundin – Chairman of the Board of EUEA, Director of Celynx, Elena Rybak, Member of the Board of EUEA, Managing Director of iC consulenten, Andreas Beil – member of EUEA, CEO of D2Consult with National Day of Austria and to express gratitude for being EUEA members!

In today’s world, every inhabitant of the planet is convinced of the benefits of efficient energy consumption and the transition to “clean” energy source. This is also an extremely topical issue for Ukraine.

Throughout Ukraine, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects are a key to strengthening energy security, boosting the economy and improving the natural environment. All this means a solid path to prosperity.

So, thank you for your hard work in energy efficiency and clean energy sphere. I am confident that by joint efforts we will achieve significant success in favor of sustainable energy and socio-economic development of Ukraine and mutually beneficial collaboration between Ukraine and Austria!


Oleksandra Gumeniuk


European-Ukrainian Energy Agency