events calendarThe meeting was devoted to the discussion: «Does Ukraine need a green tariff for biogas?» and involved key participants from government and NGOs, officials from parliament, and also foreign and diplomatic services, embassies and members of biogas projects that are implemented in Ukraine. The purpose of the event was to hold a professional discussion of this topic and to determine the prospects of possible solution of the issue with the leading experts in this area.

In her presentation “Biogas through the eyes of European companies” Ms. Rybak mentioned that it is not just about energy independence, stable source of energy (unlike wind or solar), ecology and environmental issue, new working places and development of infrastructure, etc. “We can not disregard the opportunity to help agricultural companies to become more effective, as well as omit the potential of heat energy from biogas” – she stated. Finally, Elena Rybak told that Ukrainians keep wanting to choose between either solar, wind, biomass, nuclear etc. In principal, there is no one right option, but there is a right energy mix for a particular region, city or even smaller territorial unit. “As long as Ukraine makes the right choice – towards clean environment and sustainable development, we will be making right decisions in regards to the right choices of energy.” Though, according to Elena Rybak, the green tariff for biogas needs to be there, to give the right sign for the general renewable energy sector development.