Why the European values, which every second official constantly mentions in speeches, are left only on paper:

In times of global instability, when ambiguous decisions are made, we must not forget about the specific sectors of the economy that are being determined right now. The events that have unfolded since September around investors in the renewable energy sector in Ukraine are reminiscent of the age-old rhetorical question: “to be or not to be?”.

In 2013, Ukrainians made clear their ambitions to become part of the European Union. We have paid dearly to start building a society based on the true values of the EU and the uncompromising principles of the rule of law.

What we have seven years later

European values, which every second official constantly mentions in speeches, remain only on paper. And the methods that the state is used can now destroy one of the largest sectors for foreign direct investment in 2019 in the amount of 3.7 billion euros per year.

Moving away from numbers – such discussions are already enough in a professional environment. The methods by which the discussion is held by the authorities should, in my opinion, not be of the greatest importance for the future of the country.

Disrespect for generally accepted values, standards of business ethics and just common sense. It would seem that we received investments, long strived for this, made titanic efforts, promised, worked, invited. But instead of making a success story from the sector, showing Ukraine to the world as a reliable business partner, we are doing everything for the international investment community to cross out our country from its plans for at least the next decade:

 — We shift to international investors all the problems and bad management decisions in the energy sector of Ukraine, accumulated since independence.

— Through the officials, we directly accuse the international investors of being greedy; investors, who have trusted the Ukrainian government and laws.

— We require a group of investors to take money out of their pockets to solve problems that public servants cannot solve on their own.

This is what I personally had to observe in recent months. And makes me, as a citizen, feel like in 2013 – I am ashamed.

Just like a citizen, because I have no direct interest in any of the renewable energy projects. In addition, she spent the last 10 years trying to contribute to the development of this sector of the economy in Ukraine as part of a specialized public organization.

Yes, I am aware of the very serious economic and technical problems that the current electricity sector in Ukraine is facing. Including the potential default of the Guaranteed Buyer and the excess number of issued connection permits and concluded preliminary contracts for the sale of electric energy. So many objects are simply impossible to connect to the network. This is indeed a very serious task that must be dealt with immediately. And we must find a compromise.

Because we need to think about how we will survive when the world returns to normal, and it turns out that Ukraine needs business sectors that can attract investment, create jobs, and support our energy transition to clean energy sources.

Therefore, the dialogue must be continued and necessary, without departing from the basic principles. Therefore, the state needs not only to preserve green energy, but also to create the ground for a civilized business climate so that other sectors of the economy can see the flow of investment.

What are these principles?

The rule of law must be unshakable. This is one of our weaknesses in any sector of the economy. If we neglect it in the renewable energy sector today, there is a risk of triggering a chain reaction with unpredictable consequences.

Trust is the main value. A fundamental principle that can solve a huge number of problems in the country. It is of great importance both in relations at the level of “citizen – power” and “business – country”. In the meantime, officials declare their confidence in winning arbitration, thereby showing that Ukraine is ready to quickly abandon its obligations.

Personal responsibility of officials for decisions made. A person who will continue to seek and coordinate decisions in the green energy sector from the state should be aware that any decision has a life cycle. Saving one billion hryvnias today can lead to tenfold losses in the next 5 years. The same arbitrations – why are such high-profile statements made without reasonable calculations on loss of payments, the impact of such a scandal on the country’s authority, currency, obligations, the possibility of further attracting investors to any other sector of the economy? What is it if not blind decision making?

Moving forward – only according to approved strategies. We still do not know exactly what we want to develop. The “transition to green energy” goes hand in hand with the dialogues on the modernization of coal-fired power plants. For many years, we constantly “decide” to close, rebuild, modernize, and build new nuclear power plants. The “potential” of biomass (this word causes only laughter from all investors that I know) has been waiting for use for 15 years. Time to stop, decide where we are going and fulfill our decisions.

Respect for the choice of Ukrainians as a nation. Political power that takes the pro-European choice of Ukrainians seriously and can integrate this into national strategies will be the only winner. Ukrainian society in many respects is fairly divided, but the rule of law, trust and responsibility are those basic values that cannot be violated without the loss of a nation in the long run.

This article is the personal opinion of the author and is not the position of any of the organizations represented.

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