The basic discussion questions were related to the municipal energy infrastructure of large and small Ukrainian cities which is mostly obsolescent and out of date. The problem is in the permanent scarce financing of repair and prophylactic works oriented on maintaining of the boiler rooms, heating systems and other infrastructure and absence of sufficient investments into municipal system modernization and development. These facts resulted in the critical level of infrastructure obsolescence and unsafeness and energy losses in all usage areas.

Other important energy problem in the municipal sector is excessively high monopolization level in this sphere which stimulates competition and blocks all reforms and private initiatives.

The participants of the discussion had a chance to express their opinions concerning possible fundamental changes in this sphere, to discuss state policy and active concern of Ukrainian community.

In the end of the official discussion the participants could share their ideas during the informal reception.

Implementation of structural modernization of production assets is possible only under close cooperation with business
Legislation: By 2015 the share of energy from alternative sources should be at least 10% of country’s energy balance