events calendarYesterday, April 15, Elena Rybak, Vice-Chairman of the EUEA Board, Managing Director of iC Clean energy solutions Ukraine and Yuri Kubrushko, Co-Chair of EUEA Wind Energy WG, Managing Partner of IMEPOWER Consulting participated in roundtable on “How to save the Ukrainian energy sector from collapsing?”.

The main issues for discussion were:

– Accident at Vuglegirska mine – just a link of the long chain of accidents. When will Ukraine import electricity?

– Increasing tariffs for electricity – the only way to attract investment into the sector, and therefore the only way to save the Ukrainian power grid. What is the right way of doing it considering the disadvantaged population?

– Privatization of Ukrainian power generating facilities: the pros and cons. What to do with the (thermal) networks?

– Lack of control over fixed assets renovation and compliance with safety regulations by the state – the way into the abyss.

The event was organized by Energy Industry Research Center. More organizational details are available in Ukrainian here.