events calendarThe International Economic Forum “Innovation. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives!” took place in Kharkiv on 7 September 2012. The Forum gathered about 350 participants, representatives of diplomatic missions from 14 countries, international delegations from seven Kharkiv partner regions and four partner cities of Kharkiv, top managers of investment funds, representatives of financial-industrial groups, initiators of investment projects and others.

Among key speakers of the forum were the Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine Dmytro Firtash, Head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskiv, General Manager of Shell Ukraine Exploration and Production I LLC Grehem Thaily, Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin, Mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes, Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergiy Chernov.

Elena Rybak, Director of the EUEA, jointly with Igor Terekhov, Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv on the development and viability of the city, was the moderator of the Panel discussion “Efficient City Development: City Planning, Infrastructure, Innovative Approach in the Housing and Communal Services Reforming.”

Among the participants of the Panel discussion were: Sergiy Chechelnytsky, Deputy director of the Department of Urban Planning, Architecture and Land Relations – Head of the Department of City Planning and Architecture, the Chief architect of the city; Sergiy Dulfan, Director of the Department of Transport and Communications of the Kharkiv municipality; Alexander Kryvulin, Project Manager in LLC “EcothermoEngineering”; Oleg Marchuk, President of the LLC “LED technologies Ukraine»; Igor Lepyoshkin, a specialist on local economic development of the CIDA project «Local Economic Development of Ukraine”.