Our Children Center Kyiv4 February, 2015 EUEA visited Children protection center “Our Kids” inhabited by orphans and children found living in unfavourabe environment. 

The Centre “Our Kids” in Kyiv conveys a spirit of care and responsibility for environmental stewardship and education. Its philosophy has found its first concrete expressions. “Our Kids” is the first energy-efficient Centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology in Ukraine and the first Centre that is fully independent of conventional energy and instead run completely on geothermal energy. It is the first geothermal heating system that has been officially approved by the Ukrainian authorities.

More information on the geothermal installation and “Green Concept” of the Center is available HERE.

If you would like to walk around the area, enjoy the 3D tour HERE.

If you are willing to donate for the further Center development, please contact Mariya Henning,Project Manager, at mariya.henning@gpu-society.org or + 38 044 294 13 55.