new member3W Power Ukraine LLC  was founded in 2011 as a Daughter Company of 3W Power S. The central task of 3W Power Ukraine is to provide Ukrainian customers with high-value products and services from AEG Power Solutions portfolio. The main products supplied by 3W Power Ukraine are reliable high-performance solar inverters and advanced metering&supervision systems for utility-scale PV megawatt installations, as well as UPSes, industrial power controllers and DC transducers. Certified experts of the company fulfil complete commissioning, warranty and out of warranty services for equipment and systems of AEG Power Solutions Group. 

Products provided by 3W Power Ukraine take the leading positions on target segments of Ukrainian market. Most of PV solar plants are equipped with AEG Power Solutions inverters and metering&supervision systems of Skytron. Major polisilicon producers in Ukraine use AEG Power Solutions power controllers on milestone production stages.

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