LOGO WEISSThe name Weiss originates from an 80 years old German company, which in 1988 was acquired by a Danish company, DISA. In 2013, Weiss A/S was part of a transaction that brought in Odin Equity Partners as new majority owners.

Weiss manufactures and sells large combustion boiler plants for district heating, process steam and other applications with output ranges from 1.0 MW to 30 MW per boiler line. Based on years of experience and know-how regarding combustion and boiler technologies for solid fuels (biomass), Weiss is offering a cost effective and environment-friendly energy production which is suitable and economically feasible on a large scale, in particular e.g. for heating plants and process industries. The wood and furniture industry are also profiting from self-sufficiency of energy production in e.g. wood drying and other processes, as their own wood residues can be used.

The company’s subsidiary, Weiss Sp. z o.o., located in Ostrowiec, Poland, supports the main office in Denmark in sales, design, production and maintenance of the plants.

The complete staff consists of approx. 240 employees (110 persons in Denmark and ca. 130 persons in Poland).

A Weiss combustion plant can be supplied as a complete system, including fuel silo, out- feeding system, grate, boiler, ash system, flue gas cleaning system etc. The following can be used as a heating media: warm water, hot water, low pressure steam, high pressure steam, superheated steam and oil. The two latter media are used for electricity production.