events calendarOn the 15th October 2012 the Workshop “Energy Efficiency in Ukraine: Policy, Experience, Reforms” took place in Kyiv.

As part of the Grant from the British Embassy to implement the project “Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Ukraine”, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, with the support of the British Embassy to Ukraine, hosted the  Workshop to bring together officials and experts from the UK, EU and Ukraine. 

During the event, the experts and officials discussed and analyzed the current EE policy in Ukraine and Europe, including the New Draft Energy Strategy of Ukraine, and presented a practical focus on the EE market in buildings.

Find here below all data relevant to the Workshop and download supporting documents!

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Workshop Agenda.

List of Participants.


Download the Policy Paper

Presentations given at the Workshop:

  1. Mykola Pashkevich
  2. Borko Raicevic
  3. David Ceschia
  4. Borys Dodonov
  5. Gabriel Blanc
  6. Rouslan Lemagnen
  7. Igor Kyrylchuk / Pavlo Rozen
  8. Sean Harrington
  9. Gennadiy Farenyuk
  10. Andriy Mitskan
  11. Ima Khrenova-Shymkina
  12. Anna Dukhno
  13. Julya Shevchuk
  14. Olena Borysova
  15. Oleksandr Kryvulin
  16. Andrew Zhelezniy