Amazing news from Ireland! Home Building Finance Ireland (HBFI) launched a new #GreenLoan offering a discount of up to 0.5% to homebuilders for developments certified with @IrishGBC’s #HomePerformanceIndex certification.
The HBFI Green Funding Product is the first Irish green financial product fully aligned to the Paris Agreement and EU taxonomy regulations. To qualify for the discounted product all residential projects must be certified to the Home Performance Index standard. HBFI operates as a private company wholly owned by the Minister for Finance, its role is to provide funding at market rates for commercially viable residential developments, as part of a wider response to Ireland’s housing supply shortage.
For development to be truly sustainable, it must balance the welfare of the planet with the welfare of people. Home Performance Index was developed by Irish Green Building Council for this purpose. It is the first comprehensive sustainability certification for new Irish homes with 3,250 homes already registered for certification.