Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of EUEA, on February, 16, 2020 was invited to meet with the finalists of the competition of the third module of the charitable educational project STEM is FEM on the theme “Ecology and Energy”. It was attended by 28 high school girls who were best placed to handle an online assignment on the project site. 

In her speech, Oleksandra Gumeniuk told high school students about “clean” energy in Ukraine, its future development and the difficulties on the way: “It is time when ecology and energy are considered in a complex way, because the generation of energy using coal has a direct negative impact on air quality, as well as provoking climate change. Taking into account the recently announced EU Green Deal policy, energy generation should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, so the development of clean energy technologies is a priority of global energy and environmental trends. ”

In a dialogue with Oleksandra Gumeniuk, the participants formed the expectations of a new generation in the field of ecology and energy: waste-free production, development of circular economy, generation of electricity without harm to the environment, keeping the soil, water and air clean and accessible for every inhabitant of the planet.

STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

STEM IS FEM is an educational project that promotes STEM specialties among high school girls in Ukraine. The goal of the STEM IS FEM project is to motivate as many girls as possible to choose the STEM professions. Today, there are less than 40% of women in the STEM fields.

The project started in September 2019. Every two months, STEM is FEM selects a narrow industry and introduces girls with it at the educational module. The winners of the two previous STEM is FEM modules, dedicated to Biotechnology and IT – have participated in Webit Festival Europe (Valencia) and Women in Tech Perspectywy (Warsaw).


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