Recently, members of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) met with coordinators from the Ukrainian side of the Finnish-Ukrainian Trust Fund to obtain more detailed information on the financing of RES and EE projects.  The meeting was attended from Fund side by Andriy Levkonyuk and Konstantin Gura, from EUEA – Oleksandra Gumeniuk (Director), Dmytro Priunas (Indian Solar, new member of EUEA).

The Trust Finnish-Ukrainian Trust Fund, finances sustainable development projects from the end of May 2018, has started operating in Ukraine, the total budget of the fund is 6 million Euros for 5 years. The decision on the evaluation of applications is made in three levels: the State Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Agency of Ukraine, then NEFCO in Finland and the final decision-making link – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Target audience, that is, those who can apply for funding – municipalities and private companies. It is important that projects will have a significant positive social impact. In addition, the priority is to provide technical assistance in preparing the feasibility study, which can then be submitted to any financial institution for funding.

The Foundation will also work in the legislative framework, as well as the financing of demonstration projects for RES and EE.

Applications will be reviewed on an average quarterly basis.

More information about the fund, contact details of the coordinators, and the application form are by the link.