EUEA logo text ENGJune 18, 2015 EUEA attended the conference (UA) “Billing introduction for heating and used water based on commercial and individual metering” organized by RRP (reanimation reform package), the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine with the assistance of the EC Support Group for Ukraine.

Svyatoslav Pavlyuk, Expert, Covenant of Mayors, commented on the situation with the installation of meters, “Progress but the hot water metering, on the contrary, went into minus. Now the old counters are out of order and no one is in a hurry setting up the new ones”.

Heat metering in Ukraine (UA).

Krzysztof Gierulski, EC Support Group for Ukraine, presented the EU Rules on metering & biling of heating, cooling and hot water consumption. He also stressed that “tariffs are not an instrument of social policy, it is an instrument of economic policy”.

Keld Forchhammer, Brunata, Denmark brought to the attention a completely new theme in Ukraine – experience with using correction factors in multi-purpose and multi-apartment buildings.

The draft law of Ukraine “On providing commercial metering of heat, water and wastewater in municipal services” was presented at the event. Requests for the draft law and amendment opportunities, please, contact Anastasia Voloboy at

To request all the presentations from the event, please, contact the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine at