Newsletter December 2019

EUEA held the press conference regarding the future of bioenergy projects in Ukraine

On December 5, 2019 a press conference was initiated by the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency regarding the future of bioenergy projects in Ukraine and the importance of the auctions for this sector. Later joint Letter was sent to the Ministry of Energy from EUEA and UABIO on the development of bioenergy projects in Ukraine

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EUEA expressed the support of the Draft Law 2543 with additional comments

The support of the Draft Law #2543 was based on proposed feed-in tariff (FIT) restructuring framework had voluntarily nature, and renewable power plants that decided to stay at the old support scheme were not penalized. Parameters of the feed-in tariff restructuring were in general in line with the proposals expressed by EUEA members, and presence of the stabilization clause was positive factor that would increase confidence of investors to go for FIT restructuring, and at the end this would lead to 2.5 billion UAH savings, helping to improve financial position of the Guaranteed Buyer.

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EUEA held the press conference “Investors in RES appeal to the President of Ukraine for support of a compromise solution”

On December 17, 2019 a press conference was held, which was initiated by the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) regarding the Investors in the renewable energy sector appeal to the President of Ukraine for support of a compromise solution about voluntarily restructuring framework for the FiT. At the press conference representatives of Scatec Solar, NBT, Eurocape, Voltage Group took part. Later joint Letter was sent to the President of Ukraine from the largest RES investors

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EUEA applied to Energy Community Secretariat for the support of the negotiations with the Ukrainian Government

The Energy Community Secretariat has registered a dispute between the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection and the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) over upcoming changes to the existing system of guaranteed feed-in tariffs (FIT) in Ukraine, stabilization measures and possible solutions to the crisis of the Ukrainian renewable energy sector (RES).

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Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of EUEA provided an interview to Energoreforma – Information-analytical portal

In the interview Ms. Gumeniuk expressed all worries of investors and expectations of concrete actions of the Ukrainian government and impact of the current situation to the energy sector and Ukrainian economy in general.

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Monitoring report of energy reforms “Ukraine and the Association Agreement: New Season”

European-Ukrainian Energy Agency together with the partners of the coalition of think tanks and experts presented the monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU in the areas of energy and environment covering 2019. This report made it possible to see and evaluate how close our state get to the European game rules in the energy sector in general and in each of its parts separately.

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December 2019 news summary for RES and EE in Ukraine: The state regulator is now under the Cabinet of Ministers and is constitutional.

RES in 2019 has grown enormously, 4.5 GW of capacity has been built just in 2019, but this leads to a lack of funding for the sector and the discussion is being held how to solve this issue. There are no news about the preparation for the auctions, except that the Auction Procedure has been approved, but no one has yet seen the text. While Verkhovna Rada has begun work on draft laws on energy storage systems and balancing mechanisms, Ukraine’s Energy Strategy for 2035 by April 2020 should already be changed according to the Presidential Decree. As for energy efficiency, in 2020 we expect a significant breakthrough in the housing sector to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency measures.

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European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA), established in 2009, unites investors from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and other countries that implement renewable energy projects in Ukraine. Our members have more than 2 GW of renewable power plants under operation.

Members of EUEA: Acciona, Avenston, Celynx AG, CES, DTEK, EDS Engineering, EMSOLT, Electrum, Eurocape, GOLAW, Guris, Greenworx, Helios Strategia, iC consulenten, IMEPOWER, Indian Solar, Khmelnytsky Bio Power Plant, NBT AS, Meganom, Scatec Solar, Schletter Group, SINNALBA Group LLC, Smart Energy, Thermosystems, TIC Energia, Ukraine Power Resources, Ukrwindinvestments, Voltage group, Volten, VR Capital, YEO  Electrical & Automation