Oleksandra Gumeniuk – Director of EUEA – provided her comments to the EXPRO Electricity regarding the energy crises and what should be done except the voluntary restructuring of the FiT. Ms. Gumeniuk mentioned that first of all the solvency of the Guaranteed Buyer must be restored. Since its budget for paying investors the “green” tariff is filled with two sources, the first – the tariff for electricity transmission service of the transmission system operator (Ukrenergo), then accordingly there is a need to raise this tariff, which will affect the final price for the commercial sector of electricity by approximately 5%, while more than 60% of the price of electricity for the commercial sector is formed in the “Day-ahead market” (DAM). The second source – the profit received from the sale of electricity produced from renewable sources (because SE “Guaranteed Buyer” buys all the “green” energy, and then sells it at DAM), so it is necessary to remove regulatory restrictions on the electricity market. Another extremely important issue is the mechanism of PSO, which restrains the growth of prices for the population. This mechanism should be improved and separated from the Guaranteed Buyer. Oleksandra Gumniuk told the Internet publication about this and other things.

You can read the full article at the link: https://bit.ly/36fL34D