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    1. According to the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine, the share of electricity generated from renewable energy sources (RES) by 2035 should be 25% of the total generated electricity. And in 2020 this share should be 11%.

  1. Today, according to data published NEC “Ukrenergy” there were launched technical specifications for the total capacity of power generation from renewables for 7% of the total generated electricity. In fact, the proportion of the total generated electricity of implemented renewable energy projects – 3%. However, the dynemic is extremely high and there are no doubts in implementing strategic goal of increasing the share of renewable energy. Actual and important to reach the RES strategic goal are maneuver facilities that provide voltage balancing electricity supply at peak consumption.

  2. According National Commission of Energy Regulation open data, as of March there are 481 stations generating electricity from RES and receive a green tariff. The leader, according to quantity rank, solar power stations, followed by hydropower, the third – wind parks, biogas in fourth place and on the fifth – biomass.

  3. Installing solar panels is becoming more widespread among the population, which makes it possible to earn extra money from generating electricity. It should be said that not only homes may install solar panels, but also multi-storey residential and office buildings as well. This is especially handy when it is condominium. In this case, income from the sale of generated electricity can cover the cost of care for private local territory, just as an example.

  4. Another solution generate electricity for individuals who have no roof or free land – creating energy cooperative. This is a form of organization where a person’s own small contribution (share purchases), together with other individuals can create a strong power. In Ukraine there are successful energy cooperatives.  

  5. According to research conducted at the end of 2017 with the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation, it was estimated that Potential of Ukraine by 2050 may provide 91% of energy generation from RES. But it should be noted energy efficient simultaneous processes and reduction of energy consumption in all sectors. This transition will occur primarily through wind, sun and biomass. Thus the structure of the electricity share of wind stations could reach 45% solar -36%, and biomass and waste – heat in the structure of energy – up to 73%.

  6.  In Ukraine is under discussion the possibility of improving policies for renewables for large power stations of 10-15 MW. More …