Team of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency had a wonderful opportunity to be invited to this year’s  prestigious “National Energy Globe Award Ukraine 2018” of the Austria-based Energy Globe Foundation, which was awarded to Mr. Oleksii Onipko.
The National Energy Globe Awards are an initiative of the Austria-based Energy Globe Foundation (www.energyglobe.info ) and are awarded to successful sustainable projects which conserve and protect our resources or that employ renewable energy. Committed people all around the world develop solutions for the most pressing environmental problems of our time like resource scarcity, air and water pollution, erosion, climate change or dependence on fossil fuels. Although these solutions are readily available, they often remain unheard of. Energy Globe gives them a voice and presents them to a large audience to make them visible and encourage others to come up with their own innovative solution.
Advantage Austria is supporting the Energy Globe Foundation worldwide by organizing the awarding ceremonies.
This year’s winning project regarding Ukraine is a new type of wind-driven electric generator (“Onipko Rotor”). The Onipko rotor is a new type of wind-driven electric generator made up of three unique components: a spiral design, turbine, electric generator and an electronic system. The rotor can cut-in speed of 0.5 m/sec and it reacts to fast wind gusts in slow winds. No other turbine design can perform this action.


For the EUEA innovations in energy sector – is one of priorities.

More information about Onipko Rotor: http://onipko.com/characteristics/