newsOn July 23, the head of SAEE, Sergiy Savchuk, held a press conference, during which he mentioned the success of the State Program of energy efficiency, it is expected that for that program by the end of the year will be issued loans worth about 1 billion UAH. Government and SAEE hold an active position in informing the population of Ukraine about the program, through the call center, through seminars that are taking place every week in every region of Ukraine, where citizens have opportunities to get full information about the program as a whole and what they will get in return in regard with it. 17 regions of Ukraine signed together with SAEE a Memorandum on regional cooperation in the framework of this program (credits are issued not only by the Government but also by local authorities).

It was also mentioned major pluses of the Law of Ukraine 2010, that was signed this month: “green” tariff for biomass and biogas raised to 10%, local content was abolished, “green” tariff for manufacturers that use Ukrainian facilities will be higher by 10%, the concept of biomass was expended, “green” tariff for geothermal energy was introduced. That all suggests that Ukraine has taken way on establishing energy independence.

National Action Plan on Renewable Energy by 2020 was adopted at the end of 2014, under which it is planned to increase energy production from renewable sources till 11%. Mr. Savchuk not concealed the fact that the successful enforcement of this plan needs investments, both internal and external, and the Ukrainian Government’s task is to do everything possible to attract investments to the Ukrainian market, and this primarily needs improvement of Ukrainian legislation in energy sector.

SAEE Chairman said that the main problem of Ukraine is not a lack of resources, but wrong way of using them. This problem Ukrainians must solve together.