“Investors today are disturbed by the sustainability of the investment climate in Ukraine, equal conditions for business for all market players, long-term strategy of the energy market development of the country and transparency in the sector, — said Elena Rybak, EUEA director. — So, within the political level it can be achieved by the in time EC directives realization in the frames of joining of Ukraine to the Energy Community and support of transparency initiative in the extractive industries (EITI)”.

The list of the most topical questions for companies which are engaged in renewable energy projects realization remains almost unchanged since the law on green tariff was adopted in 2009. So, the participants of the public presentation of the National project “Energy of nature” enumerated the problem moments for the guarantees of “green tariff” in the long-term prospect and the stage of its acquisition (today this is the exploitation stage which is not always suits the investors); the use of “local constituent” and clear determination procedure of its percent in the total value of the project; the procedure of grid connection and compensation of related losses; long-term and bureaucratic procedure of permissions and licenses acquisition; use of lands of the agricultural purpose, and other.

Important factors are also to provide functioning of the existent legislation and to improve the image of Ukraine abroad. “We hope that realization of the project “Energy of Nature” will not be limited according to the principle «one window» for investors and support for only selected projects. It is important, that the State Agency (for Investment and National Projects) experience obtained during the projects realization would be directed on creation of sustainable market conditions and mechanisms which will be effectively used by our companies in the future”, Olena Rybak said.

According to Olena, the completed projects should be actively popularized in Ukraine and abroad. “The value of investments necessary for the increase of the alternative energy percentage (and especially energy savings in the country) should not become an obstacle and basic accent, while on the stage of the EC energy market joining we have to think about social aspects as well, including ecology, environment and improvement of life conditions”, — the Director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency commented.

We would like to remind that on June 21, 2011 the public presentation of the National project “Energy of nature” took place. In the event took part Mykola Pashkevich, Chairman of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine, Olena Voloshina, Head of Operations in Ukraine, International Financial Corporation; Olena Rybak, Director, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency and other.

The National project “Energy of nature” foresees the production of ecologically “clean” energy, due to the use of wind, solar and hydro energy. This will allow producing 5.0 billion kW/year of ecologically clean electric energy for 25 years.

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