EUEA logo text ENG13-15 May 2015 EUEA attended New Ukraine Investment Conference organized by Empire State Capital Partners. Organizers presented updates across the most investment attractive fields across Ukrainian economy. Please check the energy sector overview HERE and request other industries overviews (agriculture, steel, food processing) at

Let’s say, the most promising was a statement by Richard Spinks, Active Energy Group, saying that they are ready to invest into Ukrainian biomass yet another $ 300 000 through the Public Private Partnership mechanism, check the presentation HERE.

Another interesting comment came from the UkrExIm Bank saying that National Bank of Ukraine is currently undergoing the process of assigning each of the state owned banks a certain role. Hence UkrExIm Bank will return to its original role of development. UkrGaz Bank will serve the SMEs and Oshchadbank will take over all requests of the population.

On May 22, 2015,  the International Conference “Investing in alternative energy and energy efficiency” took place within the framework of the Ukrainian Investment Dialogue (UID – 2015) supported by Kyiv Regional State Administration and Ukrainian State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving.

The event’s aim was to form the proposals from professional associations, businesses, international financial organizations and foreign investors about the legislative incentives in order to attract investments in renewable energy in Ukraine.

Foreign speakers like Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, President of French-Ukrainian Business-Club, President of Ukrainian Business Club in Czech Republic, Team Leader Energy and Development / Support Group for Ukraine, European Commission, President of Spanish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce all pointed out that corruption and bureaucracy are the main investor’s concerns when it comes to investing into Ukrainian Economy. “It is not Vladimir Putin that is a problem, it is a level of domestic corruption” – Andriy Avramenko, President, SKYLINENERGY.