“In Ukraine, it is difficult to count on long-term low electricity prices, as the sector has been underinvested for 20-30 years. Accordingly, we will have to pay more for any new capacity (to return the invested funds), to invest in the network,”- said Yuri Kubrushko, the EUEA Board member, Managing Partner of IMEPOWER.

“From the point of view of the electricity market, Ukraine is a de facto an “island” (we do not take into account the island of the Burshtyn TPP) … Accordingly, the price situation in the markets of neighboring countries cannot be “broadcast” to the Ukrainian market, which operates in isolation”.

In this situation, Yuri Kubrushko advises industrial consumers to take part in auctions where Energoatom will sell electricity under direct contracts, continue to invest in energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption, as well as explore options and economics for building their own generating facilities.

The full text of the article at the link: https://bit.ly/2WFfRr9