Why Biogas in UA
The strong and very large agricultural sector makes biogas to possess a huge potential in Ukraine. Why it has such big potential and why is it so important for Ukraine?
–          There is a lot of unused agricultural land available for growing energy crops for biogas
–          There are a lot of farms with manure and slurry production that is ideal for biogas production
–          Processing this manure and slurry in the biogas process has a very positive environmental / ecological advantage; it enormously reduces harmful emissions (methane and the smell that comes with it).
–          Using the digested residues from the biogas process can largely reduce usage of costly and environmental damaging chemical fertilizers. Using residues from biogas as fertilizers will increase agricultural yields
–          As we all know, chemical fertilizers are very bad for the environment, besides the production process of chemical fertilizers consuming huge amounts of energy that could be saved
–          Above mentioned factors will have a very positive influence on the development of the country side. Increasing the profitability of farming will create jobs and therefore the livability.
–          Biogas has a very important position within the renewable energy mix; unlike wind and solar, biogas is a constant (also when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing) producer of energy.
–          The production is very de-centralized and therefore has a huge effect on the stability of the power grid (unlike large solar and wind parks).
–          Together with a heat-concept the production of energy from biogas is highly efficient.
–          Besides turning biogas into power and heat, it is also possible to upgrade the biogas to natural gas quality and feed it into the gas grid. Upgraded biogas can be also used as fuel for transportation means.
All this, proves that biogas is an extremely flexible source of energy with an extremely positive effect on the environment and livability of the country side.
In real numbers, cost price of electricity produced from Biogas in Ukraine is between 0,09 and 0,13 euro / kWh (depending on location, input materials, financing, etc.). Taking into account that energy prices constantly go up and efficiency of biogas technology will constantly increase – we can say that within 5 years energy from biogas is competitive with conventional energy sources.
Ukraine has at least a potential of 5.000 MW in biogas. This amount would replace up to 10 billion m3 of natural gas. Adding biogas to the renewable energy mix and saving on energy consumption would make Ukraine independent from natural gas imports, which would give Ukraine a very secure and strong position in international relations! Securing your own resources of energy in a sustainable way will be the most important factor for future economic and political stability and further sustainable development of a country.
A sustainable and prosperous future
It is clear that lots of countries would be extremely jealous with Ukraine’s potential to produce its own sustainable energy, please don’t make the mistake of not using this huge advantage.
EnviTec with its experience in biogas strongly believes in the possibilities for the Ukrainian biogas market. We are ready to start local partnerships in order to be able to do parts of production and engineering of our technology on the Ukrainian soil.
We are in a direct contact with investment funds that are looking for investment possibilities and local partnerships. Of course, this would only succeed if there is a clear and stable legislation in place, which supports energy production from biogas. The law that was adopted by the parliament with a large majority is a very good step in the right direction. Maybe the President will change his mind and agree with the parliament that accepting this law would hugely contribute to energy independence and sustainable, prosperous future of Ukraine.
Ing. Hendrik van der Tol
EUEA expert
Export Director Central & Eastern Europe, EnviTec Biogas AG