Yuri Kubrushko, the EUEA Board member, Managing Partner of IMEPOWER, answered questions to the publication Kosatka.Media regarding the crisis in the Ukrainian electric power industry; opportunities to find a way out of the situation, what is the green generation to blame, why there was a personnel shortage in the public energy sector.

“The problem with the staff is a consequence of the fact that today all of our energy is divided into fragments that are guided by various bodies and are not coordinated with each other. Ukrenergo is formally subordinate to the Ministry of Finance, Guaranteed Buyer to the Cabinet of Ministers, Energoatom and Ukrhydroenergo – to Minekoenergo. State mines and Centrenergo live every its separate life. NEURC is formally independent, but in reality, most members of the commission are directly appointed by the President without any competition …

There must be political will and some purpose. This is what I do not see today in the energy sector. What are we striving for, where are we going? When there is an understanding of the tasks, it is already possible for them to form a team, call people, and show them some vision of the issue.”

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