wasteeco2012-100x100International Exhibition and Conference WasteECo-2012 Cooperation for Waste Issues will take place on March 28–30, 2012 in Sports Complex of KhPI, Kharkiv, Ukraine

General Information about WasteECo-2012

Under the support of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, EcoInform organized 1st International Conference “Cooperation for Waste Issues” in 2004. This event become annual, and currently it is a very famous conference, attracting attention of target audience. From 250 to 350 specialists from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and other countries take part in our conference each year.

Even after closing of events we actively promote and support proposals and developments of the participants (see Conference Proceedings of the years 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, video 2009); such approach is a feature of our conference, and it results in great popularity of our event.

Market research, performed in Ukraine, and anonymous survey among conference participants have shown the necessity to carry our exhibition back-to-back the conference. For the first time the co-branded WasteECo-2011 event was successfully held in February 2011 together with 14th Exhibition “Energy saving. Electric equipment. Energetics. Measuring instruments & Automatics – 2011”.

WasteECo-2012 will be held together with 15th Exhibition “Energy saving. Electric equipment. Energetics. Measuring instruments & Automatics – 2012”. Joint holding of these two events will lead to synergism and will attract a huge number of specialists from related fields.

WasteECo-2012 is a multi-purpose event, it includes:

* exhibition on environmental technologies and waste management;
* conference, special workshops and round tables;
* technical excursions.

Such approach will allow combining demonstration of modern technologies and equipment with discussion on waste management problem. Key players of waste market will participate in our event.

Topics of the event cover practically all aspects and issues of management of solid waste, waste water discharges and atmospheric emissions.

Organizers of the event:

* Independent Agency for Environmental Information (EcoInform)
* National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”
* Ecological Alliance Ltd (administrator of the event)

Contact Information:

Iryna Popova

Katerina Utkina
tel. +38 (097) 085-80-05, (050) 286-84-67
Fax +38 (057) 712-11-05, 759-19-90

Postal address:

Ecological Alliance Ltd
PO Box 81
Kharkiv, 61052