eurosef logoAs a media partner, EUEA is pleased to invite you to the The European Energy Security Forum, which will take place on September 26, 2014 in Brussels.

The aim of EuroSEF-2014 is the greater inclusion of renewable energy in energy mix which can secure every region of Europe with domestic fuel heat and electricity produced from renewable sources.  The forum gathers the leading experts, officials and politicians, top-managers of organizations and companies from all sectors of renewable energy to discuss how the latest geopolitical event put on the agenda the revision of the state policy, supporting and financing mechanisms for accelerating renewables development. The EuroSEF-2014 will also highlight current state policy and initiatives of the countries on the Eastern boarder of Europe (Ukraine, Turkey, Poland,  Moldova, Georgia) , which have huge and insufficiently used potential for renewable energy development as well as can offer big opportunities for the European financial institutions, investors and suppliers as well. 

EuroSEF-2014 Highlights:

  • Debates and a new road map for Europe: how to achieve energy “independence” in one-two decades accelerating renewable energy development
  • State energy strategy in force-majeure conditions: renewable energy use in terms of disaster, war or any other nontraditional situation
  • Discussion panel “Solving Ukrainian energy dependence puzzle”: how to create a boom of renewable energy development for Russian natural gas and nuclear power substitution
  • The latest snapshot of business opportunities for renewable energy market players on the Eastern boarder of Europe (Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Moldova, Georgia)
  • What new can markets, governments and business offer for fast running renewables?

For more information please, visit the EuroSEF-2014 Forum website:

Or contact Julia Kozlova, tel.: +44 207 442 55 55 / +38 044 383 03 56,