It was a year of battle for survival: survival of the Ukrainian nation, of the economy, and of the energy sector. The RES producers finished the year with a 54% level of FIT payments, with the debts for imbalances, FIT payments debts for current and prior years remaining a key question for the industry. Establishing the timeline for covering these arrears payments as well as staying committed to it will be critical for the further growth of the sector.

The EUEA team has prepared the report «2022 in RES Sector: the Year in Review».

We invite you to look through and learn about the situation in the RES market in 2022, key data of the market, that includes:

  • the state of RES generation,
  • the DAM and IDM price dynamics,
  • key legislative changes and events for RES sector,
  • important reports on the post-war reconstruction published in 2022.

Review: 2022-in-RES-Sector