Today, on January 21, 2020, the Ministry of Energy presented the draft Concept of the Green Energy Transition by 2050.

The Concept’s defining goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to ensure a climate-neutral economy in Ukraine in 2070 in a socially acceptable way.

The concept is general and will be updated by the Ministry, taking into account future trends and changes in global climate, environmental, economic, energy policy, technology development, management methods and knowledge. The Plan for the implementation of the Concept for the next decade will be an Integrated Plan for Combating Climate Change and Energy Development by 2030.

In combination with energy efficiency improvements, RES forms the most powerful tool in decarbonising national and global economies.

According to the Concept, it is economically feasible for Ukraine to reach 70% of the share of RES in electricity production by 2050. Moreover, a significant part (up to 15%) should be electricity generation from the roof of solar power plants in households and businesses. It is planned to introduce energy storage technologies at the industrial level.

Complete replacement of coal thermal power plants (TPPs) is planned to be completed by 2050. The share of nuclear generation in Ukraine’s electricity balance will decrease to the level of 20-25%, while hydropower will remain at the current level.

In the field of energy efficiency, it is planned, in particular, to introduce “green” construction, to carry out a large-scale thermo-renovation of existing buildings; develop district heating, cooling and hot water systems, especially in large cities, on the basis of renewable energy.

Energy markets: transformation markets to ones with a high degree of openness and competition. Converting consumers into prosumers. Integration with EU markets.

More information, presentations via the link: http://bit.ly/36bSGri.

The Ministry of Energy calls for the dialogue and submission of comments and suggestions to: tatyana.shevtsova@mev.gov.ua.