🔥Today, November 11, the EUEA Working Group on Green Hydrogen was held with the participation of EUEA member companies, the German Eastern Business Association and their member companies, Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

✔️Together, we discussed the current state of hydrogen economy development in Ukraine and future partnership between Ukraine and Germany. We thank Yulia Rybak, Advisor to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Project Co-Manager, Secretariat of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, who outlined the current state of hydrogen economy development in Ukraine and also noted that the Ministry is working on the development of the Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine.

✔️Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) was invited among the participants. Kilian Crone, Team Lead International Cooperation Hydrogen & Powerfuels, presented the International Dimension of the German Hydrogen Strategy and Overview over planned Funding Instruments for International H2 Projects. During the discussion were discussed possible funding instruments and guidelines for financing such international projects.

✔️Special thanks to Stefan Kägebein, Regional Director Eastern Europe, German Eastern Business Association at Federation of German Industries, for organizing the participation of German representatives!

✅ As a result, it was decided to continue potential cooperation with the German Eastern Business Association, to raise topical issues related to the hydrogen economy development, namely: transportation and development of the pipeline system, electrolysis process and new technologies, certification of hydrogen projects, guarantees of origin, localization of hydrogen projects, green financing instruments, etc.

Thanks to the speakers for their informativeness, and to the members of the EUEA for their accurate questions and suggestions. We continue German-Ukrainian communication for the development of green hydrogen!

💥In turn, «we are happy to welcome more new members in European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA)! As a non-profit organization, we continue to strengthen our position in the market of renewable energy, energy efficiency, green hydrogen, climate finance. EUEA is an industry association that has been bringing investors together since 2009 from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA, and other countries which have already invested more than EUR 3 billion in Ukraine and are planning to continue. ” – Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of EUEA.

*German Eastern Business Association – is the major regional initiative of the German economy for 29 countries in Central Europe, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, in the South Caucasus and in Central Asia.

**Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – is Germany’s centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. As the “Agency for the Applied Energy Transition” we contribute to the attainment of energy and climate policy objectives.