ЕЕ проекти МФОOn December 27, the Cabinet of Ministers, at its meeting, considered and approved the Concept for improving the implementation of joint projects with international financial organizations (IFIs).

The document at the first meeting on December 14 was considered and supported by the Working Group on Solving Problematic Issues of Cooperation with International Financial Institutions, chaired by Oksana Markarova, Minister of Finance.

The Concept envisages a change of approaches to the selection of projects for the financing of the IFIs, as well as the higher compliance of the projects with the existing priorities of Ukraine.

It contains solutions to increase the average sample of available MFI funds and improve project management at various levels, including the development of tools for minimizing currency risks, the creation of a platform for information exchange and a multi-level project monitoring system, regular reviews of the loan portfolio and the establishment of an open register of MFI projects .

This is a very good news, given that the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has actively raised the problem of a low use coefficient of international financial resources that has been available for 10 years. On June 11, 2018, we gathered energy efficiency experts at the 2018 Political Dialogue “Energy Efficiency from Idea to Realization: How to Overcome the Time Gap?”. Experts discussed the biggest obstacle to the development of the sector – the reasons for delaying the preparation and implementation of energy efficient projects and jointly looking for ways to overcome them. In particular, the E5P Fund has awarded grants for only 9% of the approved amounts over the last nine years. E5P has the opportunity to grant financing for energy-efficient projects at 110 million euros, but the Ukrainian system proved to be unable to accept investment resources and, unfortunately, retains this disappointing tendency. Detailed comments from experts on this issue at the link .

Due to the initiative of a member of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency iC consulenten and support from the Association of Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine, the Team of Support for Demonstration Projects of the Covenant of Mayors, a Position Paper was prepared with the justification of the problem and with proposals “Concerning the Features of the Process for the Preparation and Implementation of Energy Efficient Projects”. The letter was sent at the end of August 2018 to the address and to the name of the Prime Minister of Ukraine – Volodymyr Groisman. Text of the Position Paper.  

Hence, we hope, and we have contributed to solving the problem of low coefficient of sampling available to Ukraine for international financial resources.